Hey guys. I am so glad that I've started my own wiki. My username is thecreepypastaaddict and I am the creator.Edit

This has been an experience to talk when I felt sad and wanna do something. And when it's the weekend I get to go on here and make some new pages. I am intested in Sonic, Creepypastas, My family and my Xbox.

So make a wish. Do what you want. And make my channel rise up to the top.

Update: 30/1/2018

Hi again... I was just going on a nostalgia session when I came across this monstrosity of a wiki I made when I was really young. I never knew how cringeworthy this wiki really was until really started to dig in and just found shitposts, lyrics and Sonic shit. Just looking at the first words makes me wanna slap myself. :/

I first started putting stuff on this wiki in Late 2012 to Late 2013, and since then, a lot of shit has changed and I've matured a lot. This wiki was pretty much a place where I could post whatever the fuck I wanted that I was interested in at the time on the internet. I remember thinking that it was the equivalent to having an actual website. How retarded I was... XD

So I might start posting some more stuff on here that I'm actually interested in more often because I get bored a lot. And during the time I'm writing this, there is literally one day left of my summer break. So hopefully, throughout the school year, I can actually live up to my promise, hopefully.

See ya soon,

- Thecreepypastaaddict