LITERAL The Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer-0

LITERAL The Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer-0

Metal letters Lions Gate.

Clouds in backround dissipate

Cue black transitional fade.

It's Daft Punk costume contest day.

Teleport behind the doors

Teleport again once more.

Daft-not-so-punk if they open doors.

The crowd demands an oncore.

Don't nod ypu crazy white boy

Hologirl's not as good as a blow up toy.

Worst timing to cut to children.

Probably should rewriten that joke.

But until then watch the dinnertime

Hologirl become a real girl

And raise her hand.

"Member that one time?'

Flashback: Crackerjack prize. Army cab ride.

Griffiti warning sign.

It's desert time.

Bless them scouts.

Girlscouts...are allegal.

Morgan Freeman faces concequences.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

Pull him up the stairs as Katniss

stares in horror cut for suspense.


"If you sneeze on me

I'll take a bath with you sometime."


(hot gasp)

"No, I won't let her."

If you'd look through my eyes,

you'd know that those eyes were mine...

cause of the blonde har on the sides.

Drum of Drama.

Lady Gaga thinks she has hand puppets.

Launch some fake fireworks,

spit some real fire.

Cop a feel

Flameboyant host propose a toast.

Strike a dramatic pose.

Things are catching fire (like the title)


Hold the bird in front of fire

(like the movie poster)

Burn the flag. Cut to:

Girls talking 'bout boys... that they're gonna kill.

No matter how fast they run'

they're still gonna burn with fiery passion.

Every Revoultion.

Hold him back, run.

Where'd his shirt go?

Does she have telekinesis?


Begins with a spark.

Let's draw on 3.

1. You cheated! it.

The Hunger Games:Catching Fire

Mockingjayon Sauroun's Eye.


"Tobuscus. Mm."

"Ah Tobuscus!!

They all hope they can survive until

Noember 22

in theatres and IMAX

#The Spark